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Testovaci test


  1. I always (to do) my homework, when I (to do) to school.
  2. Last year, I (not buy) buy a new car.
  3. Last year, I (not move) to Spain.
  4. I (live) in Denmark for three years.
  5. I (finish) work at 5 o´clock, my husband picked me up and we (go) shopping together
  6. When (to do) he (play) tennis?
  7. We (talk) on Skype for two hours.
  8. They (leave) the party after one hour.
  9. In the past, people (pay) much more to make a phone call.
  10. She (work) in the garden.
  11. My brother (play) the piano, when he was younger.
  12. I (wash) my hair yesterday.
  13. They (watch) TV all day.
  14. (To do) you (live) in Bratislava when you were a kid?
  15. (To do) you (cook) dinner last night?
  16. He arrived from the airport at 9:00 o’clock, (check) into the hotel at 10:00, and (meet) with me at 11:00.
  17. I (play) tennis yesterday.
  18. Eric (study) architecture for five years.
  19. Where (to do) you (work)?
  20. I (not see) you at the party yesterday.
  21. We (see) a movie yesterday.